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~ Giboc on K4P


Fast Intro

Giboc is a former mod of RR.

Deletion of RR

A long time ago, the only mods of RR were Giboc and Spikey. At some point, on a whim, the two of them decided to delete it. So they did, and they lost their modships; mostly because there followed a period of time in which no one bothered to bring RR back. In any case, Giboc managed to regain his modship at some point after RR was rebuilt.


Giboc is normally remembered as his last avatar, the Grim Reaper. It was fucking scary.

Eating Habits

Giboc was widely admired for his controversial dining choices. He was known to have enjoyed eating dead babies, but occaisonally he'd throw a live one in for excitement. He followed them down with a nice Chianti.

Leaving RR

Giboc, on a drunken dare, agreed to lock a group of random threads in RR. He ignited a firestorm when one of those threads was the Kenny 4 Prez thread. Because that thread was immensely popular, his action was somewhat controversial. Giboc continued to make things worse, and eventually ended up leaving.

It is now common knowledge that he had been growing more and more annoyed at the admins and rules of the forums for some time before he left. On his last day as a mod, he declared RR to be in a state of anarchy. Chaos followed, with much spam, and a single hentai picture prompting the admins to lock RR altogether. Shortly after he left, he earned the title "Defender Emeritus" (an honorary title, meaning "Retired Defender of Loathing.") He was replaced by Kenny Strife.

Appearances Since

Giboc has made a few random excursions into RR since the internet drama leading to his retirement; mostly to make a thread calling RRers cunts and then leave again. He also made an Ask Thread, in which he altered the quotes of everyone who asked him a question to read "I'M A SHITTY POSTER WHO ASKS EVEN SHITTIER QUESTIONS TO INCREASE HIS POSTCOUNT" and told the asker to "fuck off."

He also randomly appears in IRRC. His activities there consist of joining the room, posting "You are all cunts," and promptly leaving.

Love Life

Giboc was one of the few people in RR to actually have a real girlfriend: Cyrene Black. We know this because she was an internet girlfriend, and they met in the forums. We have no news regarding how that relationship is progressing, as neither he nor his girlfriend have been sighted in RR for a long fucking time now.

He was also stalked by Qleene. It's unclear whether they ever actually had relations, but Qleene really wanted it. In the butt.

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