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From Randomramblings

Fapping is what happens when a mommy or daddy loves her/him self very much.


Fapping goes well with porn, yiff, or sitting on porches with a shotgun (see also crapstorm). Fapping helps reduce risk of prostate cancer in males and has a multiplier combo effect for girls and as such works well if you have time on your hands or the cancer gene. Finnally have you ever met someone who doesn't fap? they either have a good sex life or are *really* creepy.

Fapping also has uses in recipes, producing glue, helping increase the frequency which you need to wash your hands, and reducing fertility. Fapping also works well with yiff as no one is ever a furry if you ask them.

This page needs more yiff. You can help RR by donning your furrysuit and humping it into shape.

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