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Emoticons are faces made out of text. Don't worry, just because they have the word Emo in them, doesn't mean emos are they only ones who use them. RR Forums have horrible emoticons that no one uses, so people use their own.


  • :o - Denotes surprise or similar emotions.
  • >.> - The only known way to emote *shiftyeyes*
  • ^_~ - A kawaii wink
  • -_- - Like unto a sigh.
  • :) - A happy face. Duh.
  • :( - A frown. Again, duh.
  • :/ -
  • D: -Mr. Woe. Used to express sadness that cannot be expressed via :(
  • ._. - Neutral, expressionless. Usually follows a terrible joke.
  • T_T - Stern face
  • :{O - Panchez is the Mexican emoticon. Created by internet mexican, Nana.
  • D}: - Woechez. Mr. Woe + Panchez.
  • <+|:{O - Pope Panchez. He has eye lasers made of candy and Montezuma's Revenge.
  • (>!_!)> - The emoticized version of Kirby.
  • @__@ - Trippy


Emoticons can be used for several things. They can be used to make posts look more random, to hide the fact that some people can't spell and to make serious posts less serious.

People Who Use Emoticons a Lot

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