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From Randomramblings

I like E-penis as much as I like real penis. Except when it comes to measuring any sort of worth of a person.

~ Oscar Wilde on E-Penis

Interweb lovin

E-Penis is a measure of how popular you are over the internet. Much like real penis size in real life, a large e-penis means that you are an important person to people who eat cheetos in their underwear. Presumably, a large e-penis should also mean a lot more cybersex. This is not the case. Do not believe it for one second. Cybersex goes by real-life penis-size standards.

Ways to gain E-penis

The quickest way to gain e-penis in RR is to be a moderator, because those people are able to remove even an active poster from existence. Theoretically. Seriously, you can delete and edit posts and it'll look like a celebrity isn't there, and is posting for the first time. That's the kind of e-penis these guys slap around.

The easiest way to gain e-penis, however, is via postcount. Simply put, if you post a huge fuckload, you will have a high e-penis. In the days before the rule of the two-word minimum, it didn't even matter if you were just posting a single word. That's how easy it is to get a huge postcount.

Ironically, a very large e-penis is often granted to female posters. Probably because all the male posters are desperate to make sure that the female posters don't leave, and none of the male posters have the guts to simply chain one or two to a computer. Thus, the women who stay willingly have huge e-penises. Some may also have huge real penises, but none of the guys want to ask that sort of question.

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