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Drunk posting

From Randomramblings

Mo, im syre ot borken

~ Doom Inductor on Drunk Posting

Drunk posting?

Why, yes. Drunk posting. Basically, an RRer drinks as much as humanely possible (preferably alcoholic beverages) and posts what comes into his/her head at the time--whether or not it relates to the thread. Usually, the inebriated poster is goaded into making more and more nonsensical posts until they fall asleep on their keyboard from all their exhaustive thinking.


A famous example would be Jigga K. Another is Doom Inductor, due to his posting spree after the creation, fermentation, and subsequent drinking of his special cider.

There have been countless situations involving drunken posting. However, Spikey is a notable and extreme case, due to the fact that the whole of RR was deleted during one such binge. However this was only coupled with the sleep deprivation of a certain Giboc. Not many people were happy with this turn of events.

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