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Dead hooker

From Randomramblings

Dead hooker is the evolved form of hooker. She is still vulnerable to knife based attacks and won't even avoid them, but unlike Hooker her basic form, her vulnerability to disease based attacks is removed, she can no longer use "pay day" either as no one will pay a corpse.

Dead hooker will eventually happen no matter how careful you are. But using a knife will speed this up. For some people, dead hooker is more useful than her previous form, for some, it makes no difference, for some she's usless, as she cannot cry, and for some, she can go under the porch with the rest of the dead bodies. Dead hooker is useful in disaster movies too.

One must be careful to distingush dead hookers from dead prostitutes: While dead hookers are fine for baking or frying, only the finest prostitutes go into Uncle Crappy's Cream of Prostitute Soup.


Some people like to collect dead hookers. Crapstorm and Kitteh are examples of this.

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