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David Bowie

From Randomramblings

David Bowie is the higest deity of Random Ramblings, He is the one who watches over us, He is the one who protects us from harm. He is the one who sings good songs. He, is David Bowie. Within the RR Deieity Hierachy, David Bowie is the 1st god, with Worf, Longcat, Chaos, Flying Spaghetti Monster, Janus and Mr. T as the lessers.

Legacy of Bowie

Bowie was a singer of songs of godly trancendence. His carrer started before mortal ears were born, with his mighty songs of lore and divine power, creating the cosmos. He then felt like laying low and letting God do the work, but he could not. He was inferior to the mighty Bowie, so Bowie then had the following coversation within the CosmosIRC:

(God has joined the Channel)
God: You here Bowie?
Bowie: Yes God, what is it my lesser friend?
God: I cannot create the rest of the universe, I cannot rock like you!
Bowie: Then I will teach you Oh one who cannot rock like me.
Bowie starts traning god on how to rock
God learns how to rock!
God: Thanks Bowie!
(God has left the channel)

And God now knew how to rock, and so he tried to rock, but his roll ended to be a Epic fail, and he rocked like a wet sponge. There was no hamonius music like his lord Bowies, but rather one big bang of sound, thusly the Big Bang, creating the universe. He was pissed, but impressed on how much God sucked, he did something good. So Bowie struck a deal with God, in that He played, and God just took the credit. And so did Bowie play, and so did life boon in the universe. If a evolutinary process was needed, the Bowie changed his style, like the musical divine chamelion lord he was. And so, humanity was created. IN the mid 1960's, Bowie decided to supress his powers, and come down to the earth to spead his music without affecting evolution, survival, and the microwave.

Bowie as RR's Chief Deitiy

Bowie became so great in our eyes due to his divine powers. After the Rise and Fall or RR or RR, and come the third birth, people needed some sort of protection from Giboc's lazer that goes SHOOP DA WHOOP. So they decided in a random fashion to call upon David Bowie due to his sheer greatness in his mortal form. Bowie accepted, and for a time, there was peace, and orgasmatic music, but all was not golden, for Giboc came back CHAGIN HIS LAZER SHOOP DA WHOOP. As Giboc SHOOP DA WHOOPed, Bowie played upon his guitar, and a golden wall reflected the lazer into Giboc, causing him to be exploded and then be weakened for all eternity. Giboc cursed His mighty power, and ran off, RR was now safe from a 4th cataclysm. And so we worshiped, and to this day, we continue to worship his greatness.

Songs of Trandencendence

  • Space Oddity (Created the cosmos)
  • Man who Sold the World (The song that created the God-Bowie pact)
  • Scary Monsters (Created first life)
  • This is not America and I am Afraid of Americans (Created America and put it in it's current state)
  • Dancing in the Streets (Song of Glee and Happy)
  • Ziggy Stardust (Song of Strife)
  • Changes (Caused Evolution)
  • Under Pressure (Causes tension)

Deities of RR

David BowieWorfLongcatFlying Spaghetti MonsterMr. TJanus

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