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From Randomramblings

Yeah. I knew darkmaster. At first there were 1,055 of them, but that stopped somewhere along the lines. What the fuck did I drink?

~ Oscar Wilde on Darkmaster

Chemical Formula for Darkmaster

Failed to parse (Can't write to or create math temp directory): D+A(u)+R+K -> M1A1S1T1E2R1

He's an average poster. He has no known hobbies, but he once posted a story somewhere. He's been the host of about four RPG's. Two failed horribly, and the other two were decently succesful. The first was this WWIII warfare ArmPG. The second was the mildy successful Phil'Katar RPG.


There once was a land of Darkmasters. They ruled, and had an exact population of 1,055 people. Then, some sort of nondescript cataclysm happened, and all but one was destroyed.

At least, thats what I'm pretty sure happened.

The hobo that lives on my street told me. God, what a fucking weirdo.


He recently made love to his ego. Reasons for are still being decided.


He's also one of the few guys on the internet to actually have a girlfriend. While he is chained to some various lab-partner redhead, it hasnt affected his state of being online very much.

Image:Commieflag.gif This user is a filthy commie.
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