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Corrupt Wish game

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The Corrupt Wish game, created by a lazy guest, involves one poster making a wish which the next poster will grant. However, the granted wish will be corrupted. It was originally started in August 2004, and remains alive to this day.

Corrupt Wish is one of the few threads RR is allowed to necro if the game dies down, and has been a major source of fun for years.

Example of Game

V: ...Granted. Your eyes bleed from the amount you get. I wish for nothing.
A: You have nothing.  (This includes air.  You die of suffocation.)  I wish for a dollar.
B: Granted.  But it's a counterfeit bill, and you are arrested. I wish for a cure to AIDS.
Q: Granted.  The cure for AIDS happens to give the patient cancer instead. I wish for...

Notable Notes

The idea of wishes gone wrong is not original to the RR thread; such a concept features often in short stories and books. The Tale of the Monkey's Paw and the movie series titled Wishmaster are two good examples of this style of granting wishes while simultaneously twisting the outcomes to something horrible.

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