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Chuck Norris

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~ Oscar Wilde on Chuck Norris


Chuck Norris is a old TV star that has been inflated to legend status, thanks to the internets.

Chuck Norris, getting his ass whooped.

Many people have grown tired of hearing about his made up exploits, however, and have moved onto a worthy hero, Samuel L. Jackson. Chuck Norris is also part of The RR Dark Gods of the Axis.


Urban myth has it that Janus once successfully skullfucked Chuck Norris to death. However, Norris' beard was still alive, and detached itself with the intent of later taking a scissors to Janus' male bits. To this day, Janus is a eunuch, but wears a prosthesis so that no-one will realize what he lacks and lose the fear that keeps them under his control.

Chuck Norris is highly vulnerable to Oar-based attacks.

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