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I will totally push this button at you.

Talus is yet another nickname for one of the biggest postwhores on the RR subforum: Chaly.

Originally joining the KoL forums on November 22, 2004, it did not take long to make a stable home out of the glorious madness of Random Ramblings. The situation is much like a deadly bacterial infection that will not respond to penicillin--several have tried to stop Chaly, but so far, none have succeeded.

(They have, however, been found the next day with their mouths duct-taped shut and numerous sharp objects shoved in places that numerous sharp objects really have no place being.)

Notable Notes

  • Comprised of 70% water and 30% lycanthropy
  • May or may not still have a bad reputation as a spammer
  • Would totally pounce John Lennon if he were alive still
  • Can never decide what gender to be
  • Changes avatars like prostitutes turn tricks
  • Doesn't actually play KoL at all anymore
  • Will one day overtake Aelfrhian in posts, just you wait
  • Is very angry by nature and the more people bug about doing something, the longer it will take to get done


Werewolves, The Beatles, bad horror and sci-fi, good horror and sci-fi, the side of furry fandom that isn't quite as full of crazy people, anime, videogames, books, movies, writing, Pokemon (shut up), theatre and costuming, memes, sexy tall Russian guys, Halloween, art, journalism, and blatant or implied naughtiness.

Pet Articles


Quest To Escape





Go to the Talk page, like any reasonable person, and ask your questions there. We'll do what we can to assist. By the way, if you act like a crackmonkey, be reminded: duct tape and sharp objects in orifices.


Image:Pervert.gif This user is a complete and utter pervert and is probably watching you get undressed.
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