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From Randomramblings

An infamous punster, RPGer, and creator of QTE 9 and the Archon Chronicles RPG, and co-mod of Divinity. COnsidered the only living master of Book-fu and also Pun-fu. He spends much of his time working on his classes, palnning his RPG, and plotting world domination. If he is ever bored enough, he will outline a few of his plans on this page. But that's just speculation.

He joined on the 30th of August, 2004.

Catdrake can be contacted through AIM through his SN: TheCatdrake. If you do contact him, please, tell him who you are. if you don't.... he won't listen.

Unfortunately due to a few programs he is involved at with school, he has scarely little time recently. He does his best however. Please be patient.

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