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Captain Planet

From Randomramblings

Captain Planet is a hero, who is going to take pollution down to zero.



Captain Planet resembles a male stripper, combined with a punk and a hippie, and then suffocated.

The thread

The first Captain Planet thread was begun by Kenny Strife as a disscussionary thread. Later, it became a precursor to the later RR RPGs. The only reason anyone's bothering to mention this is because Saurian has low self-esteem and feels he must constantly mention all of his accomplishments to an un-appreciating RR.

Good Captain Planet

This would be the normal Captain Planet. He cries a lot.

Evil Captain Planet

Fucking bad-ass twin brother of the Captain.

 :twisted: Captain Planet

What happens when Good Captain Planet blacks out from all the crying. Did skullfucking before it was the signature move of lordjanus. Or maybe it's the other way around. Anyway, this guy did a lot of skullfucking, too.

The Robot Dog

Thanks to Saurian's desire to give Good Captain Planet some sort of balls, he had a competent sidekick in the form of a robot dog. The name may have been cheesy or genius. It was so fucking long ago.

Original Thread

Captain Planet-Ultimate Hero or Absolute Zero?

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