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From Randomramblings

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Who is he?

He is a poster in the Kingdom of Loathing forums known as "Random Ramblings". Even though he has many posts and is a RR regular few people actually listen to what he has to say. He also manages to kill freds with amazing accuracy.


He joined the forums on July 15, 2005. His first post was made in a "Join this clan" fred and resulted in zero people joining his clan in KoL. He was then inactive in the forums for many months as he preferred chat. After a while however he decided to give Kingdom Gameplay a chance but did not feel smart enough for all there mathiness. He then moved on to General Asymmetry for a few posts before giving his soul to RR. I mean...what?

Thread History

Only one thread that Cantryboy has ever made has made it past the first page. It was glorious indeed.


  • 5ish top o' the pages
  • +0 innernets
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