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A supposed system of managing your money, the Budget is known to be the favored prey of the credit card. As such, it has been hunted almost to extinction, with most only existing as the pets of the upper middle class.


I withdraw, say, $60 from my bank on the 8th. Then, I try to make it last for an entire month.

I pay 15$ for my gas for three weeks (or if you prefer to think of it this way, gas costs me five dollars a week). I eat at home, but I get a soda and a candy at the college twice a week. They total $2.50 per day; which, multiplied by 2, is $5.00 a week. If I fill up the gas tank again, that leaves me with $10 to spend on whatever the hell I want. You know, in case of emergency, or buying sprees, or random gift-needing.

Favorable Outcome?

Budgets are indeed good, because they help keep the IRS population under control.

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