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Black Angel Saga

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The very first RPG in RR, as well as the first (and as of October 23, 2006, only) spin-off game of a QtE. Created by Saurian2076.


The game was relatively simple. Players were asked to create characters using a character sheet based on that of QtE 5, minus the familiar and arena, and with a backstory. The players would then use the characters to react to and interact with the environment that Saurian created. The game was often the epitome of freeform, allowing for player-created storylines, fight sequences, and eventually even allowing the game to continue after Saurian left.

The game introduced several of the in-game mechanics of future RPGs, including the use of bold for out-of-character speaking, and the use of different colors when writing as different characters.


Unusual for any RPG, this game began with no clear story, but rather with a situation. In QtE V, a cloaked figure and a man in sunglasses had appeared, and were apparently manipulating events to learn who the greatest fighters would be. In Black Angel Saga, those figures were revealed to be the leaders of a secret organization, who were recruiting an army to do their evil bidding.

  • Dragons: The first mission in the game was to defeat an army of mechs coming from a seemingly innocent village. It was revealed that the village was being run by a huge, corpulent man from a base beneath the village. The man in sunglasses had come to retrieve an item from this man and kill him. Within the fight, the fat man transformed into a strange, reptilian hog. Eventually, it was revealed that the Black Angel organization was created to kill off the council of dragons, of which the fat man had been a member. Soon after that, it was revealed that there had been a thirteenth member of the council, who was disguised as the cloaked old man. Eventually, the cloaked man was killed off during a fight with Raziel, the man in sunglasses, but Raziel had vowed to continue the war with the dragons, eventually leading to a great battle in which nearly all of the dragons were killed off.
  • Four Horsemen: After the great battle with the dragons, Raziel and Rogue (a player character, played by Shakespearian_Rogue) were forced to battle for the safety of the universe by a creature known as Judgement. Raziel lost the fight, but was still granted the role of the new god of war. This led to the revival of three ancient gods, and the impending threat of a battle between a god of light and a god of darkness, as well as the separation of Raziel from his inner child. Simultaneously, an alien invasion was being attempted.
  • In the middle of this half of the game, Saurian decided he couldn't deal with the massive amounts of separating storylines, many of which were him narrating alone, and handed the reins over to whoever wished to finish up the game. (In other words, Saurian's writing this particular article and has no fucking clue what happened after he left, so someone had better come by, write what else happened, and remove this parenthetical while you're at it.)

Notable Characters

Due to the early nature of Black Angel Saga, several of the player characters were important to the history of RR.

  • Kenny Strife- Played, obviously, by Kenny Strife. A fighter who uses Disco-Fu, a trademark of Kenny's later stylings.
  • Aeolus- Played by Catdrake. The first appearance in-forum of Catdrake's signature character, who, ironically, has not yet appeared in even a cameo in his recent RPG based on the story from which Aeolus came.
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