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Balsis, What A Guy!

From Randomramblings

Balsis, What A Guy! (also known as Balsis!) is a play currently in production by Panda Productions. It covers the life of legend Balsis, through joys and hardships alike. It is set to be released in Fall 2006.


A young Balsis meets the holy Echidna of his dreams.

Balsis! starts off in humble beginnings, in the bowels of the internet known as RR somewhere in late 2004. He was soon enlisted into the ranks of a humble furry society by the name of the Furry-Lovin' Man-Harem. Remembering his past, he chose the echidna, an animal representing strength and all that good stuff. They had many fun yiffy times, and he was happy. That is, until the mysterious disappearence of the FLMH's leader, Sanjisangel. After a time, he would get over it. An after even more time, he remembered his past and the fox he saw in his dreams. It told him to create a downfall of foxes, so that the world would succumb to the wonders of the magical fox (and the suits it would bring). This would come to be known as The Rain of a Thousand Foxes. The RoaTF has gone on successfully, and is at about 13% done.

A young Balsis turns around to meet the holy Fox of his dreams.

Balsis, while still easily maintaining a very popular stance in RR, continues to be a legend in the house. The play ends with Balsis sitting on an armchair, laughing at the pains of his various enemies (whoever they are) and smiles, and stuff.

Critical Response

There has been much hubbub about the play, and it has quickly grown into the most anticipated feature of 2006, as determined by a recent poll. Coincidentally, it was the first poll this year to have a comedy option that did not beat out the serious responses. Private previews have been given, showing a select few scenes, and the critics have been reduced to tears, but good tears. Tears as in "That... was... *sniff* the best thing... *sniff* I ever saw in my entire forty six years of critiquing. I would pay six million dollars to see the full feature."

In other news, ticket prices have been raised to six million dollars.


The Warehouse of Terror.

A bunch of events occur within the plot of the production, eventually leading Balsis to The Warehouse of Terror. He must search through its many confusing tunnels until he finds the Lair of the Beast. If we told you what the Beast was though, we'd have to put spoiler tags here. And We don't know how to do that. So, let us just tell you, the Beast is very, VERY epic. And when I say epic, I don't mean the "I can't Believe it's not Epic!" brand. I'm talking real epic. The kind our Dads used to get heart cancer from.

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