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What the holy fuck is an ArmPG?

~ Saurian on ArmPGs

An ArmPG is an RPG which plays out similar to an RTS. The players are usually playing commanders or gods of some sorts and command around their armys/races. The first ArmPG, Laser Wars, was made by Donut Zeke, and was mildly popular. It had some bumps over the months, most recently in October 2006, and is currently at page 8, but never really created the genre. ArmPGs grew in popularity when King ICBM made Internet War some time in January 2006, and it was even announced. Several more were made, but popularity died out a few months later. TeeKayEff coined the phrase "ArmPG" in the Games Directory thread.


Playing an ArmPG

Playing usually lies in besting your opponents moves while still staying within reasonable boundaries of technology and time. At the end of the ArmPG this tends to degenerate into madness as player's technology and their arsenal increase beyond bounds. Godmodding is frequent, but often nescessary in small doses.


  • Limited godmodding lets you play around a bit with your creativity and have fun
  • Addictive once you get the hang of it
  • Sparse GMing means games usually play through to the end


  • Limited godmodding tends to annoy people, gets easily out of hand
  • Sparse GMing rather severely limits appeal and accessibility
  • Good ideas for an ArmPG are usually too few and far between

Some ArmPGs

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