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A Science of Anti-Light

The properties of Anti-Light are thing of ignorance. Few people realize what Anti-Light is of how it is produced. However, some eyewitness accounts exist, though many are rumored to be filed away in Moscow when the former Soviet Union was on the verge of collapse. Those in existence, rather in possession of our sources, all agree with each other in basic principles.

Anti-Light is , apparently, the opposite of light. That is, it is not darkness, which is the lack of light. Anti-Light is described as ‘reversing’ all know light into whatever is the extreme opposite. Shadow becomes light, illuminating spots where ,in any other form of light radiates from, becomes a pitch-black blot. Any artist sketch during the time shows only the extremes: Black and white; extremely bright colors in some cases, where the Anti-Light is ‘dim’. It has been argued if colors are reversed and electromagnetic energies or waves are flip-flopped to the polar opposite, yet no one has either been able to see very clearly, or be able to take measurements to determine what wave-lengths were and what they were then. The affect on matter remains unknown.

Anti-Light’s source is a very disputed thing. Often, it is said to come from ordinary light bulbs. But, closer examination shows that they are more likely black-lights than ordinary ones, yet the number of reported cases for both are almost equal: the frequency of the black-light incidents is slightly higher than ordinary bulbs (although it is said to be negligible). A mysterious element, in all cases, has been in place of the usual Tungsten to complete the electrical circuit, often blamed for the Anti-Light. The material is highly radioactive, and only a few traces are every found. Also, it appears that Anti-Light has an low melting point, and burns out very quickly, often only thirty second (30 sec.) to six minute (6 min.) intervals. It is unknown when scientists will be able to recover enough of it to identify the culprit. No video footage, or photography, of Anti-Light has been recovered or sent to us, as of yet.

It has been theorized that Anti-Light was first created by the Nazis during World War Two, which is believable enough. Germany’s highly dedicated and intelligent scientists wee able to create the world’s largest glider, made of wood, and use a plane that had four engines and two cockpits to tow it up. They were even able to create a gun to shoot around corners, highly useful in close combat due to the bullet fragmenting and dispersing like a spread-shot. The Nazis’ may have created Anti-Light for a weaponry purpose, such as the Germans’ ‘sound cannon’ , capable of killing a man in minuets. Anti-Light may have been used in broad daylight to confuse the Allies, or in tunnels to brightly illuminate them for easier travel. It is commonly believed that it was scrapped due to the fact is burns out quickly and is radioactive, resulting in long-term sickness for the handler. Many other theories exist, but most scientists agree on the ‘German Theory’.

Whatever its origin, it is predicted by some astronomers that in the coming centuries that the Sun may naturally produce Anti-Light , assuming that our estimates in how old the Sun and Earth are vastly incorrect. Day and night shall be reversed and all places in shadow shall be bright, the opposite holds true for areas where the Sun shines. It is heavily discussed whether or not all electromagnetic energy shall be reversed, making gamma radiation very tolerable( that radio and microwaves would be extremely dangerous). However, the theory of ‘Anti-Sun’ is heavily assaulted by all other scientists, saying that there is no such thing as Anti-Light and that they need photographic/ video proof. It is safe to say, Anti-Light will never be resolved in the near future.

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