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A lazy guest

From Randomramblings

Just a lazy guest created one of the longest-surviving games in RR, the Corrupt Wish game.


Guest status

A lazy guest was a guest in the forums. A guest is someone who does not have an account, yet is looking at the forums anyway. These days, a guest is only allowed to lurk, without even the ability to respond to posts.

However, according to the evidence provided by Just a lazy guest, it is possible to extrapolate that, in the ancient past (August of 2004), it was not only possible for guests to make posts, but to actually create threads.


Incredibly, Just a lazy guest managed to create the oldest thread in RR, and the longest-running game thread. It is quite possible that Just a lazy guest was actually a genius. Unfortunately, due to the fact that the corrupt wish game has appeared in multiple locations, this is unlikely. It is more likely that the game itself it just good, and thus Just a lazy guest brought it here in knowledge of this fact, making him more of a prophet than a god.

The other knock against the genius status is that Just a lazy guest does not use capital letters or apostrophes in his post.

Secret identity

None truly know the identity of the guest. He may secretly be Clark Kent. He appears to have played Warcraft 3, so he is probably not a woman.

The post

This is the full text of Just a lazy guest's post:

i stole this game from www.tob.com which is related to warcraft3 but others did so why not me?
heres how you play 
a person posts a "wish". a wish they want 
the next person to post will grant the wish and then corrupt. 
this means that the person grants the wish but then makes something BAD happen. then that same person posts another
wish and it goes on and on.....................
so im starting it

i wish i could get infinite adventures in kol

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